We started working with Tough Mudder when they were two Harvard grads with a dream. Today they are a global brand with an annual revenue of over $200 million.

We created Tough Mudder's original branding and enjoyed a wild ride as their agency of record for their first four years.

It took time to illustrate the perfect ‘mudder’. He has an ‘every-man’ quality, with finishing touches like military cargo pants and boots that tie in with TM's ongoing fundraising efforts for the Wounded Warrior Project.

We created a very detailed style guide to help the TMHQ team apply their brand consistently in many different situations.

We designed and coded the ‘Are you tough enough?’ quiz to help Tough Mudder connect with the millions of people that were visiting their site every year. In just a year, over a million of their users took the quiz and we collected over 700K unique new addresses for their mailing list.

We revised Tough Mudder's web presence continually going through three major versions of the site and uncountable feature additions along the way.

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