Launch: Anckor Workouts

Anckor is a workout for our time. If ever we have needed a mix of mindfulness, physical fitness, and social connection it is now. We're very proud to have helped brand and launch this new kind of workout that focuses on 'total fitness'.

Anckor is a mindful online workout -

Type-based logos can often lack personality or fail to be memorable, but when done right, they can be magical. We worked a lot with the symmetry of the word ANCKOR. We chose to straighten the right side of the A to mirror the R. The diagonal lines left in the A and R lean in opposite directions giving the word a wide foundational base.

Anckor - Logo - Branding by Condensed

We created a minimal 'graphic anchor' that is used in the branding system to anchor the wordmark, the avatar and draw attention to other content. Check out the Anckor website.

Anckor - Icon Design - Condensed