Butterbean Organics

Good For People. Good For The Planet.

Safe & Natural Suncare

Suncare should protect us from the sun, but unfortunately a majority of the suncare products in the market also contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals gets absorbed into our skin causing allergic reactions and hormonal disruptions. Motivated to provide safe and effective alternatives, Butterbean developed an all natural line of outdoor skincare products that is safe for babies and adults. All of the ingredients used in the products are grown and processed with respect for people and the planet.

Making the Right Impression

Butterbean approached Condensed with the goal of evolving their visual identity and packaging design. They’ve outgrown their initial assets and needed a more fleshed out identity to further their appeal and mission.

We evolved the old logo by redrawing the Butterbean sun baby, moving away from the home-grown, crude, hand-drawn aesthetic. A more polished aesthetic was needed to reflect the effectiveness of the product.

On the packaging, we incorporated stylized botanical drawings and wavy patterns that bring to mind beaches and the outdoors.

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