Super Human Resource

Superhuman Resource

Nowsta is a better and smarter way to manage on-demand teams. Long spreadsheets, frantic phones calls to find last minute replacements, and manual check-ins was the old way of doing things. With Nowsta, hiring managers can rely on it’s AI technology to help pay, schedule, and track their staff. Communication and scheduling can be done en masse, cancellations are resolved automatically as Nowsta scour the staff pool for replacements, and they predict the future too (with data-driven insights).

Giving A Face To The Learning Machine

At the time that Nowsta approached Condensed, they were beginning to gain traction in their industry. They already have a logo and have a simple one page website, the pieces necessary to start an online presence. What they didn’t have was a visual identity; the graphical devices that come together to create a consistent and recognizable presence.

Addressing the most urgent need –a new website design– we got together with the Nowsta team to discuss the platform, the messaging, and their customers. We decided to incorporate illustrations as a major part of the identity, and therefore the website. We chose a direction that anthropomorphized the AI technology as a team of helpful robots. They are small and cute, with big-round eyes, but more importantly they humanize a technology that is still new to many. The website is clean and intimidating, with ample white space, allowing users to take in the content effortlessly.

Using stylized illustrations, a unifying color palette, and typography, we were able to provide a solid visual direction for Nowsta. We also translated the visual personality into the writing, working with Nowsta to channel the appropriate brand voice in the messaging.

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