The Smart Way To Hydrate & Caffeinate

We Need To Drink More

Water is vital to life. Good hydration promotes clearer skin, productivity boost, kidney health, calorie control, etc. With so many benefits, one would think that it’s a no brainer to drink more water. However, two out of three Americans do not hydrate enough. Ozmo wants to change this behavior with its smart cup & app system.

The Ozmo cup that tracks water and coffee consumption. As you go through your day the cup lights up and vibrates to remind you to drink water. It keeps you at your performance peak and helps you avoid the jitters by tracking coffee consumption. As an added bonus, Ozmo also integrates with Fitbit and Apple Health to customized hydration goals that is right for your lifestyle.

More Than Just A Cup

When Ozmo approached Condensed, it was a nameless product developed by its parent company, Groking Lab. They needed a name that has all the hallmarks of a good name and also pertains to the product itself. After many cycles of brainstorming and reviews, we landed on the name Ozmo and it just seemed to fit the bill.

Condensed was with Ozmo from the beginning, setting the foundation for the brand to grow. In addition to naming, we developed the brand identity and web design. Along the way we also helped with the production of their Kickstarter video and photography.

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