Tough Mudder

The Toughest Event On The Planet

Beyond Ordinary

Tough Mudder is a global brand known for obstacle mud runs. The obstacles are engineered to push mudders to their physical and mental limit; in other words, it’s no ordinary mud run. However, the real secret to their success is the fostering of a community of like-minded adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors. At it’s core, Tough Mudder is about camaraderie. The course is designed to encourage teamwork so it probably impossible to complete the entire course alone; and, you won’t have to anyways because plenty of mudders are ready to lend a helping hand.

A Good Idea Needs A Good Execution

When we started working with Tough Mudder, they were a team of two recent Harvard grads with a good idea and plenty of drive. To get the company off the ground, Condensed designed the now iconic running man logo. We designed and developed a few iterations of the website and produced various marketing materials for the company.

Condensed also designed and coded apps to drive user engagement. The most successful was the ‘Are you tough enough?’ quiz. In just a year, over a million of their users took the quiz, collecting over 700K unique new addresses for their mailing list.

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