Nutrition for mental well-being

Branding & Packaging for Ally by Condensed

The Brief

Ally is expanding the traditional perception of what a nutritional supplement can be by focusing on the connection between our physical and mental well-being. They bring together the brightest minds in science with next-generation principles to create a new benchmark in supplementation: targeted nutrition for emotional well-being.

In the UK, where Ally is based, most new supplement brands are very clinical. While in the US your mind may go to a GNC store when thinking about supplements, in the UK you'd think medical and brainy. Having a drab competitive landscape often gives us a unique opportunity to help a new brand stand out and make a clear statement about how they're different, and we really seized that opportunity with Ally.

Our Solution

Their identity is uplifting and invites you to look closer. Ally is a premium product with remarkable neuroscientific backing – the brand is elevated and sharp but is miles away from cold & clinical territory. We love a good geometric puzzle and with Ally we were able to create a memorable mark that establishes them as the trailblazers they are in the bioscience industry.

With the packaging, we wanted to change the experience from supplements being another chore (and a bit of an embarrassment as you stash the bottle out of sight) to creating a small moment of delight when you reach for the jar every morning. The artwork on the retail packaging was inspired by ultra-magnified views of dopamine, a neurotransmitter and hormone that helps regulate our feelings of reward and motivation. It is beauty with purpose: Ally nourishes your body to cultivate a thriving mind, and the brand experience helps contribute to adding more joy to your day.

Package design of the direct to consumer canisters for Ally by Condensed
Vie of the full packaging for the Ally canisters, shows box design as well as canister design.
Unboxing Experience - bold black and white minimal box design opens to show a bright splash of color on the inner flap.  Packaging for Ally by
Another unboxing experience shot, showing the sustainable refill sachets.

I cannot emphasize this enough - it's an absolute pleasure to work with the Condensed team, it feels like they're a part of our internal team because they always rally behind us. They're patient, flexible, motivated, striving for greatness and edge.

Linn Elthammar– Founder of Ally

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