Our nimble team is all about thoughtful, timeless design.

Condensed has been developing strong brands for over a decade. Our clients are early-stage ventures and non-profit organizations in different fields, from tech companies to artist foundations. We love working with trailblazers and creative change-makers, companies we can't wait to tell our friends about.
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Who we are

Condensed was founded in 2012 by Brent and Teresa Lagerman as their own industry shake-up. After years working at big agencies, they set off to create a shop that spoke the language of startups and creative organizations. At Condensed, we're focused and efficient, we know what works and what doesn't, and we're just as invested in the projects we work on as our clients themselves.

Our tight-knit team includes strategists, designers and developers. The Condensed HQ is located in Brooklyn, NY, with part of our staff based here and the rest of the team scattered around the US.

From Our Clients

"Condensed is a gem of a company that we feel fortunate to have found and to partner with every day. From the beginning, I was impressed with how imaginative and talented they are in translating the vision of a company into incredible visual branding."

Minal Mehta - Co-founder, BollyX

"I would recommend them to anyone who is like me: you run a startup, you have a million things to take care of and you need your agency to share your burden as if they are part of the company. I could not thank Condensed more for what they have done."

Serena Pau - Founder & CEO, Groking Lab

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Our Process