Tough Mudder

The Toughest Event on the Planet

The Brief

Tough Mudder wanted to be 'The Toughest Event on the Planet'. They had an idea for an intense mud run with obstacles engineered by British Special Forces to their physical and mental limits. However, the real secret to their success is fostering of a community of like-minded adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors. At its core, Tough Mudder was about camaraderie.

The Solution

When we started working with Tough Mudder, they were a team of two recent Harvard grads with a great idea and plenty of drive. To get the company off the ground, Condensed developed their branding, including the now iconic running man logo, which has been tattooed on countless biceps. We also developed their online presence and were their agency of record for their formative years.

The Results

In our 4 years of working with Tough Mudder we helped them grow from a grad student thesis project, to a global phenomenon with over $200 million in annual revenue.

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