Branding for Art Foundations

While we work with startups every day, some of our favorite projects are the ones we've done with artist endowed foundations. Art Foundations share many traits with startups; they are driven by a fierce passion for what they do, they are naturally creative, and they work wonders with their limited funding. For us it's a privilege to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of these outstanding artists, and come up with strategies and solutions to showcase their work. Here's a look at some of the foundations we've worked with over the years:

Lenore Tawney Foundation

Lenore Tawney - Pioneer Fiber Artist, working on an intricate hanging thread installation

Known as the 'mother' of fiber art, Lenore lived and worked in New York City from the 1950s til her death in 2007. She worked in many different mediums, but was best known for her fiber artworks which combined the craft of weaving with her own unique artistic process. This was innovative because at the time, art and craft were thought to be mutually exclusive.

“Creation is a defiance of ordinary verbal communication. Its origins lie in the ineffable part of one’s own being and are much closer to the silence of the universe, than to its noises and verbalizations. Art is always just beyond language. Each work seems to be called up from a bottomless chaos and despite the magic order it finds in the artist’s creation, retains always the memory of the original chaos to which it is destined to return."

-Lenore Tawney, from
“Scraps of Memory: Findings from Lenore Tawney's Notes: Poetry,”

Leon Polk Smith Foundation

Abstract works started getting recognition in the art world around 1900 when Kandinsky showed with 'Concerning The Spiritual in Art' that there was more you could do with painting than just represent figures.

Astract art had come a long way by the time Leon started painting, his early work was influenced by Mondrian's geometric representations. Leon says in an interview:

"I never had any intentions of con­tinuing to paint like Mondrian. That was the starting point. It started with Mondrian. But then – one doesn’t know oneself immediately. It took several years to find my own style"

When Leon did find his own style it was bold and new, his work even broke out of the confines rectangular canvases.

Saul Steinberg Foundation

Photo of artist Saul Steinberg, holding up his hand which has an ink drawing of a cartoonish man on it.

Saul Steinberg, 1978. Photo by Evelyn Hofer. © Estate of Evelyn Hofer

Best known for his New Yorker drawings and covers, Saul Steinberg was an incredibly prolific artist who worked in many mediums. His works often have a dry sense of humor, or illustrate something very profound.

Woodman Family Foundation

Photo of the Woodman Family - Betty Woodman (1930-2018), George Woodman (1932-2017), Francesca Woodman (1958-1981), and Charles Woodman

Many well-known artists throughout history were loners or outcasts, it's not often that you see a family of talented artists.

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