Brent Lagerman

Brent Lagerman is the Creative Director at Condensed. With two decades of experience, building hundreds of brands & websites, he has the perspective and vision to know what works.

Brent started his career at big design agencies in Manhattan, working with corporate clients including Dow Jones, Mastercard, and NYU. He was excited to learn how things were done, but was frustrated by the time wasted in meetings. Piles of paperwork and planning to get to the design phase were followed by endless revisions to the revisions. He knew there had to be a better fit for him, and at the time the only way to get there was to start his own agency.

In 2003 Brent and his wife Teresa started mimoYmima. mimoYmima brought top-level talent and experience to small startups in Brooklyn. In 2012, they rebranded to Condensed and expanded their team. Condensed today is a boutique branding agency working with startups and creative organizations. Brent leads a team of designers, strategists and developers that deliver timeless design work and innovative web presences.

Condensed has had dozens of success stories and to this day Brent enjoys working with all kinds of startups, but he also has a soft spot for artists and non-profits, which had led to many projects with artist endowed foundations over the years. Brent is a brand consultant and mentor, working with venture capitalists and accelerator programs to help improve startups through great branding and design.

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