Original Art for Elemental

Elemental is a brand we'll be featuring soon, for now you can check out this original art we created for their landing page.

Their company distinguishes themselves by having superior datasets and personal networks within the Professional Services space.

Original Art by Condensed - Vector Illustration for Elemental - frame 1
DATABASE for Elemental
NETWORK for Elemental
HUMANS & DATA for Elemental
WHITE GLOVE for Elemental

Stock vs Original Art

Why bother creating original art when there's so much good stock available? Well a few reasons. The most obvious reason is that nobody else can use it.  If you find something that looks amazing on a stock site, chances are a lot of other people are using it. Imagine going onto a website and seeing some amazing art, then thinking to yourself 'this brand is awesome', 'they have great taste'... then flash forward a few days later to you seeing the same exact same work of art on another website... Whatever positive associations you had, have just been shattered.

The other less obvious reason why it pays to make original art is that it helps the design team evolve the brand naturally. Just like the branding process, the process of creating original art consists of a lot of decisions on how things are going to look and why they should look that way. Art elicits visceral emotions; think of any photos, or art as an extension of the brand.

Stock art on the other hand was not made specifically for your brand, so you find yourself trying to find ways to justify why a particular work is appropriate for the brand, which often can do more harm than good. Buying stock is like pivoting a brand, while making original art is a natural evolution of the brand. If you haven't been reading our blog, we don't like to pivot branding.