Crossing Minds

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The Brief

Crossing Minds is defining (and anticipating) modern customer experience standards and the role of AI in reshaping the industry. Their powerful personalization engine empowers consumer-facing businesses to deliver unique and relevant experiences that drive customer loyalty.

Our Solution

Having a clearer picture of their path forward after a successful Series A, Crossing Minds came to us to re-define their brand strategy. Our branding process established a new visual identity and a set of graphic and messaging parameters that align with who they are and their goals.

Just like their technology, the visual identity we created is beautifully simple and has perfectly orchestrated elements behind it to represent their core values of confidence, approachability, and intelligence. We worked together to design the new homepage of their site, laying a foundation they could continue to build upon. We also created custom illustrations to help bring content to life.

This remarkable startup is changing the way we experience and interact with our favorite digital platforms – we are excited to be their branding partner and watch them continue to thrive.

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