Vessel Studios

Innovating Medical Animation

The Brief

The purpose of medical animation is to help people visualize the mechanisms of complex systems at work. While there is no shortage of companies producing medical animation, Vessel Studios takes it many steps further. Vessel brings to the table the art of visual storytelling, demonstrating an ability to execute cinematic pieces that engage and delight viewers.

The Solution

The goal from the start was to create a simple and elegant visual identity that allowed Vessel’s work to shine. Simplicity was key. The logo is able to represent complexity through its branching strokes, but the shape remains clean and simple. The website’s unobtrusive layout seamlessly incorporates the studio’s animations to create a cinematic web experience. Every element of the design ties into their storytelling.

We are proud to have partnered with Vessel Studios for many years now, since their early days. From branding, website and collateral, we love working with the team as their design & dev branch to continue growing their brand together.

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