Pioneers of American Abstraction

Visual Identity
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Brand Strategy

It's always a challenge to distill an artist's legacy into a brand identity, but the challenge with EMATM was twice as complicated: the Foundation stewards the work of not one but two artists, mother-daughter abstract painters Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason. We created a versatile, elastic identity that showcases that duality while remaining simple, clean and true to both artists. Our goal when working with art foundations is always to create a timeless brand that is memorable without distracting from what should always be the main focus: the artist's work.

A Digital Archive

As with the branding, the design and architecture of the website also needed to showcase the two artists in a balanced way that gave them both equal prominence. The biographies and timelines of the two artists were designed with an editorial lens, reading like an magazine article that draws you in.

One of our technical goals for this project was to show the artwork in the best way possible for an audience that spans academics, art enthusiasts, researchers and emerging artists.  We serve up very high quality images in next generation formats to allow viewers to see the art as true to form as possible - you can zoom in to see even light pencil lines and brush strokes, like you would in a museum walking close up to the piece.  

The Results

Condensed was incredible at receiving changes and finding answers... They delivered most everything to meet our ideal deadlines. As with all projects, there are new challenges as you delve into the project and the scope and scale of the project sometimes evolves. The team was incredibly receptive to our feedback and flexible to these needs.

– Steven Rose, Executive Director EMATM