Lenore G. Tawney Foundation

A Fiber Art Trailblazer

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Visual Identity

With many artists, design has one goal above everything else: to serve the work. It should be as 'out of the way' as possible, to allow people to experience the artwork and learn about the artist's life and work. For us this was even more important in the case of Lenore Tawney, whose sculptural yet intimate pieces live outside the more traditional confines of a canvas. The identity we created for the Lenore G. Tawney Foundation is very modern and approachable, like Lenore herself – yet it's also barely there, welcoming you but inviting you to look around and take in the incredible work.

Website Design

The needs of the Foundation have evolved over time as Tawney's reputation has continued to blossom over the ten years since we started working together. Tawney's work continues to garner more and more recognition, most recently at a group exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Our recent new iteration is dynamic and flexible to showcase different types of content – artwork, a tour of Tawney's preserved studio at the Kohler Foundation, a look at the documentary recently released about the artist, a flexible news area for the Foundation to release information.