Giving Coffee a Refresh

CPG packaging designed by Condensed for Keepers - shows two cans one black one white standing together in delicious harmony.
packaging design for Keepers

The Breif

Keepers is introducing a new beverage category into the coffee world: sparkling coffee. It’s a refreshing shake-up in the sea of cold brews and nitro coffees that all taste exactly the same. And with half the sugar of soda plus a bunch of vitamin C, electrolytes & antioxidants, well, it just rocks. There's nothing better on a busy Summer afternoon.

The Solution

Our brand strategy for Keepers celebrates their uniqueness. It’s a young, slightly nerdy, truly funny, very Brooklyn brand. They're passionate about their carefully sourced ingredients, so much so that the packaging includes the farmer's name in every can.

The Results

We’re thrilled to see Keepers continue to rack up fantastic press, from Vogue Magazine to Bon Appetit. We helped launch their second product, Keepers Black, which was a Kickstarter success and just began shipping.

Packaging design for Keepers Black - CPG beverage cans looking sharp a.f.
Keepers Citrus Can - Product design by Condensed
Progression of product design for Keepers from the early fun summer look to the minimal arty re-design.
Social content for Keepers - Collab with Garnish
Keepers Logo by Condensed - custom hand lettered logo type - looks fun and expressive.

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