Garnish Studios

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The Brief

A nimble creative agency for food and beverage brands, Garnish Studios takes inspiration from the colorful small-batch products they work with to tell their story in a unique way. Their photography and video work shows a true joy for what they do and a fun entrepreneurial spirit that is delightfully infectious.

Our Solution

The name 'Garnish' fits them so well because they are sticklers for details (and obsessed with food, needless to say). They know that it's the little things that are the most memorable, those unexpected touches that make you smile. They're also unapologetically themselves. We translated all that personality into a brand and website they can continue to grow with. We loved collaborating with them – to the point that we started a coffee soda company with them – and look forward to continuing to help them showcase their work in the best light possible.

Garnish Studios branding example showing a tote on a mustard yellow background
Garnish Studios Brand example showing two business cards on a leafy green background

The Results

"They walked me through all my second-guessing and always explained the reasoning behind the brand, to the point where it was bulletproof. Second-guessing yourself is normal, but Condensed will walk you through it. Trust the process and let them handle your doubts. It’ll turn out great in the end."

Thi Q. Lam – Founder of Garnish Studios