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Branding for ZenList by Condensed.io

The Brief

The real estate market is busy and confusing. Anybody who's looked for a place to live in a big city like San Francisco knows how overwhelming the experience can be. Our initial research led us to identify the main pain-points homebuyers struggle with, and we decided to use these to our advantage in the brand's positioning and messaging, addressing them with an experience that is everything a homeowner would want it to be: intuitive, accurate, transparent — and with access to more listings than the other guys for good measure.

The Solution

Zenlist came to us with the goal of redefining their brand, which had been taking its first steps for about a year under a different name. The new visual identity positions them as a modern player that's a step ahead of their competition.

The company was started after the founder went through his own stressful home buying experience, so from day one they've been doing things from the buyer's perspective. This empathy carries through in their branding, from the real people in our visuals and clean UI / UX, to the clear and concise language that is a far cry from the salesy industry standard. So you can be at home sooner.

Zenlist mobile website design.
App Design for ZenList
A graphic created for Zenlist by Condensed showing how their system works.
Graphic Design for ZenList

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