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Design Rush recognizes Condensed in their Best Packaging Designs of 2024

Condensed has been recognized by DesignRush in their roundup of "Best Packaging Design Agencies of 2024" for our work on the Nüm Nüm project.

Packaging Tells a Story

We believe packaging is more than just a container for products; it's an opportunity for a storytelling and brand communication. When Nüm Nüm came to us, they had the name Jelious Jellies, which was confusing their potential customers because they weren't really a jelly, they were a Singapore-inspired pudding that is typically eaten for breakfast.

Packaging design for Nüm Nüm cups, a CPG breakfast brand
nüm nüm Packaging Design by Condensed

Packaging Transforms

We re-branded and packaged Nüm Nüm cups to look and feel like a something you could sell in the yogurt aisle.  For the identity we established a delicious color palette inspired by nüm nüm's flavorful superfood ingredients like spirulina, turmeric, and beet powder. We then developed a bold yet minimalist typographic treatment using a custom designed logotype. Bold typography, vibrant colors, fun illustrations –– the product stands out as a sharp contrast to all the noise and added sugars in the dairy isle.

nüm nüm cup in the wild

Starting a CPG company?

We were honored to receive this recognition from Design Rush and hope it helps the next CPG startups that need help with packaging design get to know us better!

To see the work visit the Condensed Nüm Nüm Case Study.