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The Best Web Servers For Startups

We’ve worked with most of the popular server companies and have a few favorites we’d like to share with you.

Updated: November 4th, 2023

Hosting for Mission-Critical Startup Sites

If you have a mission-critical site that always needs to be fast no matter what, you'll need dedicated server resources. Shared servers (no matter what they claim), suffer from something called the 'noisy neighbor effect', which is where your site slows down because someone on the same server you are sharing eats up all the server resources.

If you absolutely can't tolerate a slow-down from time to time, then you should be on a dedicated server.

This can mean a few things, traditionally it meant a physical (on-metal) server. These days it means dedicated resources on a cloud server which you don't share with anyone.

WPEngine: Best Premium Servers for fully managed Wordpress Sites

If you are using WordPress as a CMS WPEngine does have dedicated options. If you aren't we also like Digital Ocean. Pricing depends on the traffic you'll be getting but typically starts around $200/mo and goes up from there. Contact us to discuss solutions.

NOTE: in the past we used Rackspace for our sites with the heaviest traffic, we liked them because of their great service and cutting edge tech. They no longer have either of those things. Their customer service has gone from the best to the worst, and their admin panels are getting very outdated. Until they fix these problems avoid using them.

Kinsta: Managed Wordpress runner-up

If you can't afford the $7K+ per year to host on WPEngine, you could  get similar service for a lower cost with Kinsta

Hosting for smaller projects

If you’re starting small project and you are on a budget, there's a ton of servers that will charge you less than $10/mo. Those all suck! Some of the are downright dangerous in that they can be hard to transfer your site off of, or they are insecure and out of date and your site can get hacked.

Kinsta: Best Small Project Hosting (Wordpress Sites)

Free Hosting for Startups? What!?

What if we told you you could host a static site for free. It's true, there are actually a few options here. It can be done with github pages, Kinsta or with render.

These need some more setup work, also you can't use them with dynamic content management systems like Wordpress, but if you have a static site or want to use a static site generator along with a headless cms, these could be good options for you.