Messaging & Display Ad Design for eLama

Most small businesses don't have a dedicated digital marketing team, and for this, they suffer. intends to do for digital marketing what MailChimp did for email marketing. Small teams can now market themselves without eating up valuable time or resources.

Ad campaign for eLama - "This Llama will guide your small business"

Core Values

We started off by helping eLama define their core values which ended up defining the direction the creative work. They have a fun team, very positive, smart, and really looking to help out others, so we made sure that came through in their values:

  1. Encouraging - Above all else we are here to help small businesses succeed.
  2. Understanding - We listen to our customers.
  3. Trustworthy - We value our customers & would never act outside of their best interests.
  4. Supporive - We are always helpful and love to help find answers.
  5. Simplicity - We make powerful tools that are intuitive and simple to use.
  6. Friendly - We are always positive.
  7. Transparent - Wherever possible we expose how things work.


Next we worked on the brand message. Too many of their competitors were focusing on the technical aspects of digital marketing.  It became clear to us that the way we could help distinguish eLama was to focus on their customers and talk to them in a language they could comprehend. Lots of small businesses barely understand what digital marketing is, they just know they buy Google and Facebook ads (and they aren't very good at it).

Our focus became the customer needs and showing how eLama can improve their ad performance. They no longer need to have spend so much time figuring out how google and facebook advertising works, just let the llama figure it out for you.

Advertising Campaign

This Llama will guide your Small Business!

We created this advertising campaign for eLama a company that is looking to revolutionize the way small businesses are able to perform digital marketing.

Ad campaign for eLama - "This Llama will guide your small business"