Smarter Sports Betting

Visual Identity
Marketing Assets
Responsive Design for the Abe Website

The Brief

Abe is demystifying sports betting and bringing much-needed innovation to their industry. No sketchy bookies or offshore websites involved, no guesswork. Abe was started with the premise that we all make better decisions when we can compare options and rely on solid data. Their platform provides intuitive tools and unbiased content to help beginner and experienced bettors make smarter bets. Powered by technology, Abe is on a mission to make sports betting more welcoming and inclusive for everyone - which is another edge in their industry.

The Solution

We developed a brand that balances the passionate spirit of sports fans with the smart use of technology. One of our main goals was for the identity to be inclusive, for casual and advanced bettors, male or female, Red Sox or Mets fans, which is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is so deeply and homogeneously skewd towards the male hardcore fans. The messaging is clear and to the point, emphasizing Abe's role as a neutral and objective guide for bettors. Those Red Sox and Mets fans will need to hang tight for a bit, as currently Abe is available to residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Indiana, with plans to continue expanding as state laws continue to bring sports betting out of the shadows and into the digital age.

custom branded illustration work for Abe by Condensed - The Abe character looks subtly like a modern Abe Lincoln with the sideburns and dark beard.