The Bollywood Workout

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The Brief

BollyX draws inspiration from Bollywood dance routines to create a truly unique workout experience. They pair south asian choreography with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), resulting in incredibly fun and effective workout sessions — burning up to 800 calories in a 50 minute session is no joke.

The Solution

We started working with BollyX when they were just testing classes at a couple of locations in Boston. Over the years we have defined their branding, created their ever-evolving website, developed collateral, started their merch store, helped produce their first music video, created an video-on-demand workout platform, and a custom instructor portal.

We've been there for BollyX through each stage of their growth, from those initial classes to a global community of instructors and enthusiasts that can't get enough of the BollyX brand, from a handful of small gyms to the national stage on Shark Tank. We are proud to continue being a part of the BollyX family as their design & marketing arm. Are you ready to unleash your inner rockstar?

UI/UX for BollyX website and web apps
Website design and dev for BollyX
Print design, business cards and postcards for BollyX

The Results

"Condensed is just as much a part of the team as any employee we have. They process 90% of our company's revenue and are responsible for our 400% year-over-year subscriber growth for the past five years. They’ve been there since day one."

Shahil Patel– Co-Founder BollyX