All About Kids

Better Care For Developing Children

A Whole-Child Perspective

All About Kids (AAK) is a leading provider of children’s therapeutic and educational services in New York. They facilitate individual growth and independence, in the more natural and least restrictive environment. They have a whole-child perspective when it comes to care and provide opportunities children to develop as well rounded individuals. In addition to seeking care, parents have come to rely on AAK as a resource to learn more about child development.

AAK was founded in 1988 and their branding has not changed since its establishment. Recognizing the need to have a visual identity to match their capabilities, AAK sought out Condensed to redesign their identity as well as website. The logo needed to speak to parents and children alike. It required a playful spirit that needs to be grounded in professionalism. The website was another big challenge. Because of the nature of their work, the website is used to disseminate information — in other words, contains a lot of information. We needed to take a deep look into their old website and organize its content into a coherent structure that allowed for easy navigation.

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