Boundless Adventures

The Ultimate Treetop Adventure

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Branding and Design work for Boundless Adventures

The Brief

It's not with every project that the research stage includes getting a harness on, pushing past fears and having an incredible time up in the treetops. Boundless Adventures has been one of our favorite projects over the years. Their parks are inclusive and open to all ages and skill levels, with the goal of delivering a unique & empowering experience every time.

The Solution

Naming the company was our first challenge. Their focus is on the experience, which is not just thrilling, but also helps build confidence and skill. This was the foundation of our brand strategy, which helps them stand out from the gimmicky industry norm.

Once the brand was defined, we designed and built their website, which has been constantly expanding as they continue to grow. We have worked with the Boundless team to create collateral, ad campaigns, signage and more.

When we started working with Boundless Adventures, they were preparing to open their first park in the Tri-State area.  They recently opened a third park in Wisconsin, and have plans for more. We are excited to accompany them on their growing adventure as they bring the Boundless experience to new locations across the country.

Visual Identity / Logo for Boundless Adventures
Modern billboard design for Boundless Adventures, showing an illustrated silhouette of a guy zip-lining, cutting through the sign with the exit info on the left and the Boundless Logo on the right.
Boundless billboard design:  Illustrative, brightly colored signage design with minimal design elements gives the most impact and makes it so you can see the sign from far away.
Print collateral design for Boundless Adventures
Brochure Design Boundless Adentures
Merch (tshirt) designs for Boundless Adventures
Merch (coffee cup) design for Boundless Adventures
In my lifetime, I feel like I’ve dealt with lots of people, and it’s always shocking to me how many of them are trying to get my business, but then once they have it, they don’t follow up and don’t do what they need to do. With Condensed, I just kind of always know that they’re going to do what needs to be done.

Lorrie Funtleyder – Co-Founder of Boundless Adventures