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Visual Identity
Graphic Design

Their B2B products are fairly complex, our challenge was to communicate their offerings in a clear way. Their new website design uses iconography and imagery to illustrate the information-heavy content. The ultimate goal of the new site is to drive leads, and we’re happy to report it’s been working.

The Brief

BevyUp had outgrown their initial bootstrap branding. They also were shifting their product offering, and targeting larger clients. Our goal was to put them at the forefront of their industry and showcase their mission: to allow retailers to create meaningful relationships with customers, driving business results.

The Solution

We created a new visual identity, brand story and messaging: as their products and direction had shifted quickly, we helped re-define their mission statement, values, and tone.

Iconography for BevyUp

The Results

Here's a quote from the marketing director shortly after launching their re-branded site:

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in my time and I can be pretty picky. I have to say Condensed is absolutely one of the best. Our website is a smash hit and we’re suddenly getting interest from a few major companies. Of course, I’m giving all of the credit to the website.”

– Klara Stover, Marketing Director

UPDATE: BevyUp was acquired by Nordstrom a year after our re-brand project.