Butterbean Organics

Safe and effective skincare for the whole family

Visual Identity
Packaging Design

Safe, effective, good for you and good for the planet. Butterbean Organics was founded on a mission to make all-natural skincare products that work and are safe for the whole family.

behind the scenes, some of the logo options we were working on for Butterbean are visible in the background as we were picking out pantone colors.
Visual Identity for Butterbean Organics

Butterbean came to us with an existing visual identity that was too skewed towards children. Our goal was to communicate the core brand values (safe, natural, effective) and create a more grown-up look to position Butterbean as a brand for the whole family.

more logo choices printed out for Butterbean Organics
Photo of Mother and daughter on the beach with the butterbean logo shining it's little sunny face over the photo.

Skincare products must include a lot of information. Our challenge was to keep the packaging clean and easy to read, while providing all the required information. Butterbean’s care for the environment carries through with the packaging choices - reusable, refillable, and absolutely no aerosols.

product photography for butterbean organics.  Shows off some of the packaging design work done by condensed
Website design for Butterbean Organics

A good balance of lifestyle, e-commerce and informational resources keeps the site from becoming too sales-centered. Providing meaningful content is key to building their community of customers and strengthening the brand.

Butterbean Organics logo mark shown beside a product shot of the sun screen

Butterbean Organics is the brainchild of a mom of six, who set off to create a line of sunscreen and skincare products that was healthier and simpler than anything else on the market. With this re-design we've given the brand a 'grown up' refresh that captures their relaxed, natural approach and love of the seaside.

We created a system that allows for easy implementation as they continue expanding their product line. Our word of advice? Come springtime, stock up on their Bug-A-Boo spray. It works like a charm and tends to sell out.

Lifestyle photography of a cute little girl putting sunscreen on her face with the butterbean logo overlayed

The Results

Butterbean's re-brand garnered national press coverage including a full-page feature in Entrepreneur Magazine's 2016 Branding Issue:

The re-brand debuted last June and triggered a roughly 40% uptick in sales. A few big national accounts have since signed on.

UPDATE: Butterbean Organics was acquired a few years after our re-brand and packaging design projects.