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Brand Strategy

ShopMy is a growing creator marketing platform that is quickly reshaping their industry. After a successful launch, they were ready to refine their brand strategy as they geared up to expand beyond beauty to other verticals. At that time, the company name was Shop My Shelf, focusing on their primary market. Our initial step was to remove the limiting nature of such a specific name, shortening it to ShopMy and creating an elastic identity that showcases their multi-vertical reach.

Design For Growth

ShopMy takes pride in curating top talent and partnering with the brands everyone is talking about. Another unique aspect of their platform is the ease with which users can manage processes that used to be cumbersome or simply out of reach, and the one-on-one quality of their support. Their visual identity speaks to this idea of being ‘a cut above’, working with the best of the best and advancing what’s possible.

We love working with this incredibly talented team and are excited to see their platform continue to grow as we implement the brand principles across the board – on the website and, most recently, the newly launched app.

App Design

Visual Identity System

The Results

Shortly after launching the rebrand, ShopMy closed an $8M Series A funding round. A year and a half later, with Condensed as their agency partner since spring 2022, ShopMy raised $18.5M in a round led by Inspired Capital.