Unleashing Your Inner Rockstar

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Alternative or specialized workouts have been on trend for the past 5 years or so. Fitness enthusiasts and dabblers alike are seeking more exciting alternatives to commercial gyms. Seeking to shake up the industry, BollyX entered the scene with it’s Bollywood-inspired dance workout.

What sets them apart are the dynamic choreographies that takes inspiration from Bollywood and Hip-Hop. The movements are infectious, expressive, and have a rockstar flair. This engaging workout has inspired a community of passionate fans, who sometimes become instructors themselves.

Setting The Stage

Working with BollyX since it’s beginnings, Condensed designed the logo, website, and marketing collaterals all of the necessary pieces to set stage for growth. The first challenge was to create an identity that embodies the powerful and expressive nature of the workout while avoiding stereotypical Bollywood tropes. The second challenge was to create a digital experience that both informs and excites people.

Since BollyX is such a new experience there has to be an element of education on the website. We decided to use a music video to introduce the BollyX, as well as to drum up excitement around the workout. It made sense since BollyX is such a visual and musical experience.

Building A Community

At the core, BollyX community is driven by instructor-student relationship. We built functionality that allows students to find and follow their instructors on the website. We designed marketing materials for instructors to promote their classes. We also created a portal from where instructors can get valuable resources to ensure that they are upholding the quality of the BollyX workout.

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