BollyX is a high-intensity dance fitness workout inspired by the culture and music of Bollywood set to the hottest music from around the world.

Their sessions live up to their motto: unleash your inner rockstar. You work out every muscle to the beat of modern Bollywood music while having a great time. Their branding translates all these different qualities into a look and feel that's fun and vibrant.

The website is constantly evolving as BollyX expands to new markets and grows their fan base.

We created a portal to train their rockstar instructors. To keep it growing we follow a priorities-based plan to achieve their goals quickly.

Our creative direction doesn't stop in the digital space. We have worked with BollyX on photo shoots, helped produce a video to introduce them to the world, and even designed booth setups for trade shows to ensure the brand shines in every marketing effort.

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