Back Office Automation for Medical Practices

Visual Identity

The Brief

Carebit is bringing the power of technology to an industry that's been stagnant for decades -- medical private practices. Struck by the inefficiencies of the paper-heavy, error-prone manual processes that are the norm, the Carebit team set off to build a platform that transforms the day to day for medical practices. Think of them as an operating system for practices. By delivering a comprehensive and efficient solution that handles most tasks automatically, Carebit allows them to spend more time doing what they do best: caring for patients.

Our Solution

A core aspect of Carebit's positioning is that, while they are focused on the healthcare industry, they are very much a tech company. Their platform is constantly working behind the scenes, completing tasks automatically to keep businesses running smoothly. We wanted the identity to convey that dynamic nature, and bring forward their passion for technology without losing sight of their main goal: helping people. Both AI and the medical industry can seem cold and distant, and when you put them both together you can end up feeling like a robot. Carebit retains a warmth and approachability that carries through every step of their platform.