Next Wave Drinks

Celebrating odd pairings

Imagine two things that you’d never think to put together, like Kendrick Lamar and your grandmother going grocery shopping. That’s what Keepers is all about. They take super fresh citrus juice and pair it with expertly roasted coffee. It’s that special feeling you get when you experience something totally unexpected.

Bring the Party

Keepers is introducing a new beverage category into the coffee world: sparkling coffee. It’s a refreshing shake up in the sea of cold brews and nitro coffees that all taste the exactly same. And with half the sugar of soda plus a bunch of vitamin C, electrolytes & antioxidants, well, it just rocks.

Our brand strategy for Keepers celebrates their uniqueness. It’s a young, slightly nerdy, truly funny, very Brooklyn brand. Like your cool good friend that always brings the party.

When we were coming up with a can design we were thinking ‘vacation in a can’ what would that look like. Bright, colorful, refreshing…

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