Pair Eyewear

Good Things Come in Pairs

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The Brief

Why do you change our clothes every day, while your glasses stay the same year after year? They're your most prominent accessory (right there on your face!) and after a while they're just... uninspiring. PAIR recognized this issue and set off to change things up, starting with the most creative and underserved demographic in their industry: young kids.

The Solution

With PAIR, kids choose a frame shape & base color, and then have dozens of colorful top frame options to change their style. The top frames snap on easily (I can do it all by myself, mom!) and are affordable enough for kids to be able to have a variety of options to choose from. PAIR doesn't stop there though — with every purchase, they provide glasses to a child in need.

As a brand, PAIR's mission is to empower kids to see clearly and embrace their ever-evolving personality. We celebrate this with a brand strategy that is a playful showcase of creativity and positive energy. We're thrilled to watch this smart startup gather recognition across the board, from The Oprah Magazine to CNBC and thousands of happy kids around the country.