Streamlining Healthcare Delivery

The Brief

If you think healthcare is complicated, imagine if you lived in a rural community with the nearest hospital 100 miles away. Or if you have restricted mobility. Or, jeez, just a crazy busy schedule. Perry is an all-in-one communication and care management platform that connects patients, providers, and everyone in between. So you can skip the long waits, the trips to the clinic, and stay connected to your doctor in between visits for all-around better healthcare.

The Solution

Our brand strategy for Perry begins with the dramatic change they're bringing to the healthcare industry. For starters, they're friendly. Approachable. They harness the power of digital tools and data analysis to simplify every step of the process for both patients and providers, making everyone's lives easier. All of those qualities make the brand shine and stand out from the crowd. 

We worked with the Perry team to create a website that's informative without being overwhelming, as healthcare sites tend to be. We're excited to watch Perry take flight after their recent launch!

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