Vessel Studios

The Art of Medical Animation

Storytellers First

The purpose of medical animation is to help people visualize the mechanisms of complex systems at work. While there is no shortage of companies who does medical animations, Vessel Studios takes it a few steps further. Vessel brings to the table the art of visual storytelling, demonstrating the ability to execute cinematic pieces that engages and delights viewers.

Building The Frame

The goal from the start was to create an a simple and elegant visual system that allowed Vessel’s works to shine. Simplicity was key. The logo is able to represent complexity through its branching stroke, but the shape remains clean and simple. The website’s un-intruding layout seamlessly incorporates the studio’s animation as a background element to create a cinematic web experience. The website becomes as much of a showcase of work as the works gallery page. Even the typefaces used on the website is chosen for their storybook aesthetic.

Condensed has been with Vessel Studios since their beginnings. We designed the logo, website, and various collaterals; establishing a visual foundation for the studio to build upon.

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