A Fresh Start for Fishkin Lucks, a Boutique Law Firm

Branding Refresh

Whenever we start a new project, we immerse ourselves in our clients' industry and research their competitive landscape. In the case of law firms, every stereotype you hold true is here and there and everywhere. Every firm looks the same, sounds the same. Even wildly successful global firms pay little to no attention to their brand. And yes, there's justice scales and gavels and a placid sea of Times New Roman.

When Fishkin Lucks approached us, we were excited about how similar our approach is, even though our fields are very different. Their team has Big Law experience, and they bring those chops together in a more efficient and approachable boutique package. They were interested in defining their brand further to showcase what's unique and different about them.

Website Design

We built the Fishkin Lucks website in Webflow which makes for easy content management and a fun build.

Their visual identity communicates that they're a modern, forward-thinking firm backed by impeccable credentials. We redesigned their website to tell their story in a more intuitive way, while retaining all the information needed for prospective clients in their industry.

Fishkin Lucks Website Re-Design clean warm late day sun set on a nyc skyline, with a purplish blue box juxtaposed on top of it with a simple message: We Solve Problems.
New design is warmer and frendlier

Business Card Design

Business Card Design for Fishkin Lucks
And what's a brand makeover without a new business card design.