Fitness Startups need Strong Branding

Ready to flex on them weak fitness brands? Check out some of the early stage fitness startups Condensed has branded over the years.


BollyX is a high-intensity dance fitness workout inspired by the culture and music of Bollywood set to the hottest music from around the world.

The founders, had seen a seminar given at Harvard by the creators of Tough Mudder where they talked about working with us, and tracked us down to help brand and build their fitness startup.

BollyX Logo

After creating the branding and website for BollyX, we developed an online training program for their instructors to learn the program and get certified. The 'training portal' became a huge part of the business,

We've gone on to create a video on demand service for working out from home.

Video Shoot for BollyX

Boundless Adventures

Boundless came to us with an idea for a thrilling treetop adventure course. At the time they didn't even have a name, just a great idea and a lot of passion and drive to make it real.

We worked closely with Brian and Lorrie to come up with a name and identity for their project.

Tough Mudder

When we started working with Tough Mudder, they were a team of two recent Harvard grads with an insane idea and a ton of drive to make it happen. We helped them grow to be a global brand with an annual revenue of over $200 million and millions of fans.

To get the company off the ground, Condensed designed the now iconic running man logo. We designed and developed a few iterations of the website and produced various marketing materials for the company.

We’ve made websites for all kinds of businesses, but this is the first project we’ve worked on that involved mud, fire, barbed wire, AND mankinis. Tough Mudder is the toughest one day endurance race on the planet, so the site needed to kick some major ass.

One of our early challenges was to define and illustrate an iconic logo. The result, the silhouette of a man running through fire; what could be more badass? We wanted this 'mudder' to look like an every-man, not a bodybuilder. He symbolizes endurance, grit and strength.

We started working with Tough Mudder when they were two Harvard grads with a dream. Today they are a global brand with an annual revenue of over $200 million.

"We decided to work with Condensed having been impressed by their initial proposal, as they had clearly invested much time and thought into understanding our needs and requirements. We needed a team with a creative graphic design background and strong technical skills who could create a visually exciting brand which would appeal to our specific target demographics. Although we were working to a tight schedule, we were impressed by the flexibility that Condensed showed in incorporating our last minute changes and amends efficiently and with good humor, and also by the wise and considered approach they took to dealing with our, at times unworkable, suggestions. They are a top team and very easy to work with. Top marks."

Guy Livingstone – Co-Founder Tough Mudder