The difference between a Brand Guide and a Style Guide

Style Guide vs Brand Guide. This post show you the differences between the two and also lets you know which you need when forming a startup.

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Staying On Brand

Creating a brand isn't easy, but what's much harder is making sure a company can stay 'on brand'. The role of the designer is to reign it all back in and remind everyone of the core brand principals.

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Branding for Anckor Workouts

Anckor is a workout for our time. If ever we have needed a mix of mindfulness, physical fitness, and social connection it is now. We're so proud to have branded and designed this amazing program.

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Branding & Design for Good Face Project

A brand is built of many different parts that come together to form a cohesive, living entity. The result of this effort if one of the projects we are most proud of.

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Fitness Startups need Strong Branding

Condensed has worked with a good amount of Fitness startups over the years, here's a few of our favorite fitness branding jobs.

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