Brooklyn Branding Agency - Our NYC roots

At Condensed, we have called Brooklyn home since we opened our doors in 2012. Our founders set off to create a different kind of branding agency in NYC: a nimble team that understands the needs of startups and creative organizations, delivers timeless work, and forges close client/agency relationships. Having worked at big agencies up and down Madison Avenue, we knew we wanted to steer clear of the inefficiencies that gave us headaches and that keep fees overblown and inaccessible to early-stage startups. Our team of strategists, designers, and developers packs the capabilities of a big agency in a neater, friendlier package.

While we have worked with companies all around the world, most of our favorite projects are close to home. Many of the clients that we've partnered with for a long time are based locally, and they value having their branding agency right in NYC and being able to discuss ideas in person together, especially if there are pastries involved (which at Condensed, there always are--one thing we're not efficient about is baked goods). These are a few of our favorite projects with clients based in NYC:

Dumbo, Brooklyn


What we did: naming, branding, web design & development, collateral design.
Branding work for Sesame, a Dumbo, New York based startup.  Collateral includes business cards and stationary

This healthcare startup is after a radical idea in the US: getting the healthcare you need should be affordable, simple, and without long waits. Just like you buy everything else online, you should be able to know exactly what you’re going to spend, what your services are, and get an appointment in the next day or two. Sesame’s ambitious mission to make quality care more accessible is focused on the millions of Americans who don't have insurance, have high-deductible plans, or simply need to see a doctor today. They have launched their pilot program in the Mid-West, and we can’t wait to have them open Sesame (sorry, had to) to the NYC market.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Tough Mudder

What we did: branding, web design & development, collateral design, content creation, email marketing.
Two built dudes with Tough Mudder tattoos - brand by Condensed
Tough Mudder contestants loved our logo mark so much they got it tattooed on their bodies (the ultimate compliment)

When we started working with Tough Mudder before their launch, they were just a team of two recent Harvard grads with a great idea and plenty of drive. We worked with them to develop their branding, including the now iconic running man logo, which graces countless biceps. From those early days we went on to become their agency of record over their first four years, growing their site from one event to a global community of 'Mudders'. In those early days, it was clear that Tough Mudder is about camaraderie, and that continues to be at its core today.

Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Cut & Crafted

What we did: naming, branding, web design & development, collateral design, content creation.
Cut & Crafted Branding with the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar (Sping Edition) in the background

This event series shines a spotlight on local NYC-based makers who create their goods sustainably, in small batches. Cut & Crafted’s events are family-friendly experiences that bring together curated shopping, good food & drinks and fun activities for everyone. At the core of everything they do is their community spirit, love for entrepreneurs and creating a positive impact in their environment.

Flatiron, Manhattan

Pair Eyewear

What we did: branding, collateral design, investor deck design.
Pair Eyewear branding and some collateral - business cards and letterhead

This fast-growing startup is changing the way kids think about eyewear. PAIR empowers kids to see clearly and embrace their ever-evolving and growing personality. They can choose a frame shape and base color, and choose from hundreds of affordable and colorful top-frame options to change their style. While PAIR is very much focused on style, they don’t lose sight of their social values and provide glasses to a child in need with every purchase. They recently opened a lovely shop in Flatiron / NOMAD where kids can try on different styles IRL.

Chelsea, NY

Woodman Family Foundation

What we did: branding, web design & development, collateral design.

This arts foundation preserves and showcases the work of a unique family of artist: the incredible mother-father-daughter trio of Betty, George and Francesca Woodman. Very different as artists, working in different mediums, with a shared history as a family. The foundation is based from Betty & George’s Chelsea loft, where they both lived and worked for over three decades. It is an invaluable inspiration to us to be around their work and get a sense of their daily lives every time we visit.

New York Startups, meet your agency

We love the creative energy of the city - being a branding agency in NYC means we’re always working with an exciting new business ready to shake things up in their industry. Our clients are in very different verticals -- from SaaS to arts organizations, CPG to fitness. There is always something new for us to take a deep dive into, and being able to work directly with founders helps us share their passion for the project.

Our services include brand development, packaging design for consumer products, website design & development, content creation, email marketing and collateral design. We work both with pre-launch companies and established businesses that are looking for a rebrand. Sometimes clients come to us with just an idea, and we begin the brand development process in search of the perfect name. Other times there is a name already established, but not much more than that. Every client and every launch plan is different, and we create smart blueprints for each project that make the best use of the budget.

Interested in working together? Whether you’re based in NYC or not, we’d love to hear from you. If you are local, chances are that pastries may very well be involved.