Branding & Design for Good Face Project

A brand is built of many different parts that come together to form a cohesive, living entity. With Good Face Project, a smart platform that helps you build a skincare routine perfectly matched to your needs, we took a deep dive into the beauty space and worked with the Good Face team to develop a brand that showcases their fresh, bright and bold spirit—without losing sight of their rigorously scientific, high-tech approach. The result if one of the projects we are most proud of.

Multi-faceted companies often make the mistake of cramming their homepage with too much information — more often than not, it's information that's more appealing to their board of directors than their customers. For Good Face Project, we created a design that is true to the organic, fresh-feeling nature of the brand, and showcases their different offerings (quiz, app, index) in a way that flows naturally and is relevant to the user. 

A bright, high-contrast color palette and flowy organic shapes are part of the signature look of Good Face Project—and they just lend themselves to endless possibilities. A complex color palette doesn't mean you always have to use all the colors at once—it gives more room to play with and build a richer visual experience.