Our Co-working Space: Founders
The condensed team are founding members of the Founders Workspace in Brooklyn, NY. We have always championed startups and helped them thrive, so being a part of a co-working space was a great fit, there just weren’t any around us. So… teamed up with Abby Palanca, one of Brooklyn’s leading real estate agents, to make […]
Branding for Harvard Business School Startups
Condensed is a branding agency for startups. Coincidentally our two biggest hits featured HBS grads who were both in the early stages of launching their projects. So we wanted to take a moment to point out those two individuals and hopefully catch the eye of other Harvard grads with a dream of creating an amazing […]
Our Coffee Soda Startup // Keepers
Condensed has been developing a new coffee soda recipe with co-founder & chief mixologist, Thi Lam. We’ve been spending many months trying different cold brews, making our own ginger syrup. Testing, drinking, tweaking the recipe, squeezing (mainly limes and tangerines)… The project began with a bang when we blew up our first batch in our […]
10 Best Agencies for Startups
Condensed is proud to be named one of the 10 best agencies for startups by Agency Post. Onward and upward