What are the elements of branding?

The Periodic Table of Branding Elements

Remember high school chemistry class? Remember the periodic table? Well here's the periodic table of branding. These are the six essential building blocks that are used to build a brand.

Core Values (who you are)

Branding Element: Core Values
  • These are your guiding principals
  • The soul of your company or what it stands for
  • All other elements draw from this and this should be thought of as the first step


Branding Element: Naming
  • Your name should be unique & memorable
  • Don't forget to clear your trademark before moving forward
  • Short domain names are preferable (.com is no longer necessary)

Positioning (where you want to be)

Branding Element: Positioning
  • Defines who your target market is and how you want to be seen by them
  • Typically shows how you intent to fix a market problem
  • Shows how you are unique vs competition
  • Shows how you'll be relevant to your ideal customers
  • Exposes your 'key value proposition'
  • Summed up using as 'positioning statement'
  • Includes a lot of market research to fully know the current landscape of competition

Messaging (what you say)

Branding Element: Messaging
  • Should tell a unique story
  • Needs to resonate with your target audience
  • Communicates your core values
  • Messaging should be thought out with any and every customer touchpoint

Voice (how you talk)

Branding Element: Voice
  • When done right, tone is unique
  • Recognizable & Memorable
  • Expresses personality
  • Has a consistent rhythm & pace

Visual Identity (how you look)

Branding Element: Visual Identity
  • It's not just the logo, but yes the logo is very important
  • Make your color scheme unique vs competition
  • Don't skimp on typography research and experimentation
  • Illustration style
  • Photography style
  • Graphic elements
  • Motion guidelines can be useful for some brands

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