What are the 6 Elements of Branding?

Periodic Table of Branding Elements

6 Basic Elements of Branding

If you've been looking at posts about branding online, you've probably suffered enough noise. Here's the Condensed guide, no fluff, just the six core branding elements and what they mean in plain english.

Remember high school chemistry class? Remember the periodic table? Well here's the periodic table of branding!


Branding Element: Naming
  • unique & memorable
  • clear your trademark!
  • short domain is preferable (.com is no longer necessary)

Core Values

Who You Are
Branding Element: Core Values
  • Your guiding principals
  • the soul of your company
  • defining characteristics
  • what you stand for


where you want to be
Branding Element: Positioning
  • market research
  • be relevant to customers
  • identify & address market problems
  • unique vs competition
  • key value prop / positioning statement


What you say
Branding Element: Messaging
  • tells your unique story
  • speaks to the target audience
  • communicates your core values
  • messaging is in everything you say
  • (not just campaigns, and tag-lines)


How you say it
Branding Element: Voice
  • when done right, tone is unique
  • recognizable
  • expresses personality
  • rhythm & pace

Visual Identity

How you look
Branding Element: Visual Identity
  • logo mark
  • color scheme
  • typography
  • illustration style
  • photography style
  • graphic elements / motion

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